Dombo was selfless and loyal – Ama Busia

Madam Ama Busia shared some of these nostalgic memories of NPP when she was visited by Welfare Committee Member and former National Treasurer Aspirant, Ms. Mary Posch-Oduro and her team visited her in her residence in Accra.

Madam Ama Busia, a founding member of New Patriotic Party and a sister of the late Kofi Abrefa Busia, former Ghana’s prime minister has recounted how the selfless nature of Simon Diedong Dombo helped in the rising of the Dankwa-Busia-Dombo tradition.

“In 1952, my brother Dr Kofi Abrefa Busia was the Leader of Ghana Congress Party, which later merged with the other opposition parties to form the United Party (UP). “My brother’s one seat on the ticket of the Ghana Congress Party went into alliance with the Northern Peoples Party led by Simon Diedong Dombo who had 14 seats, whom based on majority seats should have automatically been the leader at the time but Dombo decided that Busia should be the leader of the opposition due to his superior academic credentials in the academia.”Madam Ama Busia opined.

Ama Busia recounted that when her brother Dr Busia assumed the leadership of the opposition against Kwame Nkrumah, things got worse at some point and Busia fled the country on the grounds that his life was under threat, So Dombo took over as opposition leader and that is what we have today as the New Patriotic Party she opined.
She advised that party faithfuls should not depart from the sacrifices of the party’s forebears and shun the extreme greed that’s creeping and trying to destroy the foundation that was laid and built by the founding fathers of the Dankwa -Busia-Dombo tradition with meritocracy as the base of party’s fledgling begining.

Madam Mary Posch-Oduro, Auntie Ama Busia and Mr. Chris Arthur

Mama Mary Posch-Oduro who is a founding member of the governing New Patriotic Party in Germany, and who has held numerous positions in NPP-Germany, including founding Treasurer (1993 – 1997), branch Women Organiser (1993 -1999) and organising secretary (2001 – 2004), On Thursday 8th July visited the Ailing Alhaji Abubakar Abdul- Rahaman affectionately called Chairman Short at his residence in Accra. Alhaji Short A former New Patriotic Party Regional Chairman for the Upper West Region, is generally remembered for taking the NPP in the Upper West Region from Zero Parliamentary seats to five seats when he served as Regional Chairman of the party in the Upper West Region during 2016 general elections.
Madam Mary Posch Oduro according to her heard Alhaji Short has been unwell for sometime and took the initiative to visit him. A hale and hearty Alhaji Short was full of thanks to the former National Treasurer Aspirant and NPP welfare Committee Member for the heart touching gesture. Madam Mary Posch used the short visit to present some assorted items to Alhaji Short as her token for the upcoming Idul Adha celebration.

The welfare committee member of the governing New Patriotic Party climaxed the day with another visit to a founding member of the New Patriotic Party Madam Ama Bame Busia, former 1st vice and former member of Disciplinary Committee of NPP at the time Paul Afoko- Kwabena Agyapong troubled era as well as a former member of the council of state.

She concluded by thanking Ms. Mary Posch-Oduro and her team for her thoughtfulness and for the visit and wished her God unfettered guidance in her endeavors in the party’s Stewardship. Present during the visits were some directors of Youth Employment Agency including Mr. Chris Arthur and Mr. Emmanuel Akwasi Afriyie with some M&E YEA Staff and some other NPP party faithfuls.

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