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Stop campaigning with my tax money – Ndoum jabs Mahama

The leader of the Progressive Peoples’ Party (PPP), Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom, has jabbed President Mahama to desist from using taxpayers’ money to fund his political campaigns.
He said there are “real evidence” on the ground to prove that the President is using taxpayers’ money to conduct his campaigns in the country.
“When they brand buses with John Mahama’s photograph ostensibly with the photographs of other people we know what he is doing. It is campaigning that they are doing with my tax money,” he said.
He also said the tax-sponsored outboard motors distributed to fishermen by the government have an embossed image of the President.
Dr. Ndoum made these declarations when he went to file his tax returns at the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA).
He commended the government for resuscitating the sugar factory in Komenda, but said, “I am not happy that the factory has been built, they are employing people but there is no sugarcane that has been planted.”
The PPP leader wants to know how government intends to feed the factory when they have failed to plant the raw material needed. He laments government importing sugarcane to serve the factory.
He called on the President to ensure that he uses taxpayers’ money “wisely for development.”
Commenting on the President’s State of the Nation Address delivered February 25, Dr. Nduom questioned the “evidence-based” delivery of President Mahama.
He said places such as Komenda and Tema have enough evidence to disprove the President’s claims in his speech to Parliament.

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