Dzifa Gomashie mourns with family of late Solomon Sampah

Deputy Minister of Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts, Hon. Dzifa Gomashie, mourned with the family of late veteran actor Solomon Sampa’s family
Poetical as she is, Hon. Dzifa hatched her feelings through a well written piece.
Read below what the Honorable and former actress posted:
Silence spoke loud — And tears painted the portrait of a faithful child’s respect—For a departed hero…Yet, wails are only salute the departed, never to restore his loss.
Before the heavy down pour that characterized the arrival of March yesterday, Hon. Abla Dzifa Gomashie (Deputy Minister for Tourism, Culture & Creative Arts) took some moments of her busy schedule to mourn with the family of one of her life and Professional mentors who is now “mute”—Solomon Sampah.
Welcomed by the Family head, bereaved wife, children, and some family members of the late Ghanaian actor at his Mataheko residence, the scene can best be described as an epic one. For minutes, silence and drip of tears poured down the cheeks of the honourable Deputy Minister- signifying her respect for her former Stage Manager and life inspirer.
Speaking to the family, she shared fond memories of her life with the ace Ghanaian actor as a young worker in the National Drama Company of Ghana, Abibigromma.
According to her, Paa Solo, as they affectionately called him, played an instrumental role in horning her acting skills and also was one of the inspirers towards attaining her University Degree.
She also shared with the family how she still counted on the late actor even as the Deputy Minister of State for advice before his sudden departure. To her, Solomon Sampah has been and will always continue to be part of her life.
The family head also took the opportunity to express their gratitude to her for honouring their late king and national icon with her unexpected visit and also took time to inform her about their preparations so far. As always, Hon. Abla Dzifa Gomashie ceased the opportunity to remind the family of the essence to respect culture and customs in all the procedures due towards having a befitting a burial for the late Ghanaian theatre icon.
She also reminded them to respect each other (extended family and nuclear family) in the course towards and after the burial of Paa Solo so as not to injure the pains of the widow and children more. She donated cartons of bottled water and physical cash to the family towards the preparation of the final funeral rites and assured her best role in same regards.
She also reminded the family to serve formal letters of notice to the Ministry of Tourism, Culture & Creative Arts and National Theatre since Solomon Sampah is well known in these sectors for his enormous roles towards building the theatre industry of Ghana.
She was accompanied by some members and executives of the Ghana Actors Guild and a poet/spoken word artist, Oswald Okaitei.
Credit:Ghana Web

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