If you love NPP, accept the result – Addison to Nii Noi

The newly-elected Parliamentary candidate for the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Klottey Korle constituency, has called on Nii Noi Nortey to put aside his personal interests and join his campaign to reclaim the seat from the NDC.
According to Addison, no one’s personal ambition should supersede the overall interest of the party.

Nii Noi lost out to Addison in a re-run of the August 2 primary, the outcome of which the latter had contested in court.Reports from his camp indicate that Nii Noi is considering taking legal action to have the results from Saturday’s primary overturned.
However, Addison believes that despite excessive media ‘hype’ built around Nii Nortey, the delegates chose him instead to represent the party in the November polls.
“He had free reign on the media and was being hyped and talked about as a grassroots boy, well it’s been decided,” he said.
“It’s always inevitable that when you lose an election of this nature, people feel hurt. It takes time to bring them around.”
Addison added that only a united NPP can prevail in the elections, and called on Nii Noi to join him to ensure that is made possible.
“Before this election, I had pledged that whoever emerged victorious, I would work with that person so that the party will take the seat. I expect that he [Nii Noi] will reciprocate that pledge and also come together so that we work for the party.
“We can only hope that they will come together, if they love the party. At the end of the day. it is the party that is Supreme and we want to take the seat from the NDC. We can only do so if we are united. ”

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