NPP warns EC Chair

New Patriotic Party (NPP) Director of Elections, Martin Adjei-Mensah Korsah has expressed disappointment at the conduct of the Electoral Commission (EC) chairperson, Madam Charlotte Osei, especially on the issue of an 18-member Elections Steering Committee.
Mr Korsah argues that the steering committee is just a ploy to create an electoral advantage for the National Democratic Congress (NDC), but it is important that the EC Chair does not ‘step on the toes’ of other political parties.
“EC boss has to be very careful because her decision is very bad and always drawing us back” he said.
The EC on Saturday issued a statement announcing that the 18-member Steering Committee had not been suspended despite reports on Friday that the work of the committee had been suspended following an Inter Party Advisory Committee (IPAC) meeting that took place over the matter.
After the IPAC meeting with the EC on Friday, the reps of the various political parties who spoke to the media, gave the impression that the commission had suspended the committee over allegations of bias and had promised to look into the issues raised.
Mr. Mensah Korsah accused the EC of doing the bidding of the governing NDC, since according to him, any decision they take seems to be in favour of the NDC. “Madam Charlotte Osei should stop working for the NDC because we won’t allow things to happen on the blind side of our party” he stated.
In a rebuttal, a Deputy General Secretary of the NDC, George Lawson insisted the NDC has nothing to do with the committee. “If we are able to win the 2016 election, then that means we did it on our own and not with the help of the EC. The EC is not bidding for NDC, we are doing our own bidding” he insisted.

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