NPP is the only hope for Ghana – Nana Addo

New Patriotic Party (NPP) Presidential Candidate, Nana Akufo Addo has charged all regional and constituency executives in the Western Region to ensure that the party win majority of vote cast in the November polls.
Nana Addo said the NPP cannot afford to lose the Western Region which is considered a deciding region.

Speaking to regional and constituency executives as well was Parliamentary candidates in the region as part of his four-day tour, Nana Addo said the NPP should not disappoint Ghanaians in November.“We have to win Western Region to be able to win a national election to be able to form a government. We are the only hope for Ghana. So if we are the only hope for Ghana, then our only hope is you people in the Western Region. This metropolis belongs to us; in any case we cannot relinquish one vote in the metropolis. It is for us to lose the election, let us not do that.”
He pleaded with the executives to do everything within their capacity to help the party come into power saying “let’s win it and form a government. What is happening in Cote D’Ivoire next door, we can better that here in Ghana, so let’s all work together.”

Earlier, Nana Addo addressed fisherfolk at Apeosika in the Evaluegwira constituency in the Western Region.
He used the opportunity to assure fisherfolk across coastal areas of the country of better times and improved conditions ahead if he is voted into power.
“Tackling light fishing has to be a priority of any government, especially in Akufo-Addo’s government. We will do this to help all of us, otherwise, not too far away in the future, there will be no fish left for us in our waters. We have to preserve the marine stocks of our country, and step one will be dealing with the situation of light fishing,” he added.

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