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I can transform into a tree or even a white man – Bishop Obinim

Transforming into a snake is apparently not the only “God’s gift’ of controversial Head Pastor of the International Godsway Ministries, Bishop Daniel Obinim, as he now claims he can even transform into a tree.
At a church service over the weekend, Bishop Obinim said he has now discovered that he was the only one with such a “gracious gift” from God and that makes him unique among all pastors in Ghana.
He said ever since his announcement, he has been waiting for a pastor he did not name to also make claims of such supernatural gifts and since that pastor has not been able to speak about his “gracious gifts”, it was an indication that he was the only one with the capability to transform into animals or objects at will.
Bishop Obinim, who seemed unfazed about criticisms of his claims of supernatural powers to transform into a snake, said he could also transform into a mad man or a white man.
In an apparent rebuttal to the many criticism he has faced from the public ever since making his claims, Bishop Obinim said he was surprised that Ghanaians had not heard of pastors who worked in the spirit and could transform into any animal or thing.
He went further to elaborate that he could transform into several animals, including a horse, a pig, a dove, a cat and even a tree.
The Bishop said he could also transform into a child, an old man, and a  tortoise, drawing wild cheers from members of his congregation, who responded with chats of  “Ye wo krom” and singing to Atom’s popular song, he said “Osofo wo krom”

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