Focus on dumsor not Gitmo two – Barima Sidney

Controversial hip life artiste, Barima Sidney has said he does not see anything wrong with Ghana providing a sanctuary for the two ex-Gitmo detainees.
He thinks the hype about the two is not necessary, and called on Ghanaians to focus on how to fix dumsor, the rising fuel prices and how to get a credible voters’ register instead.
“If the Guantanamo detainees are threat to Ghana why do Ghanaians still travel abroad – there are more terrorists in the countries Ghanaians travel to,” Barima Sidney told Mike 2 on Adom Entertainment Hall.
The “Africa Money” hit singer thinks Ghanaians should trust in the government’s assurance that they have the necessary security measures in place so there is no cause for alarm.
“I don’t see anything so fearful with the two ex-Gitmo detainees – opposition parties should rather talk about issues that will help develop the nation – what is Gitmo 2” he said.
Meanwhile, President John Mahama told Ghanaians that the two ex-Gitmo detainees were the most compliant at Gitmo and are of low risk, several reports, including one from WikiLeaks indicate one is a high-risk detainee and the other is a medium risk detainee.
It was on the basis of those reports that the US Congress and Senate, following the will of the American people, refused President Barack Obama’s move to send any of the ex-Gitmo detainees to American soil.
But in Ghana, President Mahama used his executive power on the blind side of all Ghanaians, including his own cabinet ministers and Parliament and allowed the US to send the two potentially dangerous ex-Gitmo detainees to Ghana. At least so far three of President Mahama’s cabinet Ministers have said they were not privy to the decision to bring in the two.
Again, according to an article in the US-based Wall Street Journal, President Obama’s task force report on the two indicate they were never cleared and freed from detention, but were tagged as “ready for transfer” and their coming to Ghana was deemed as “conditional detention”.
Foreign Affair Minister, Hannah Tetteh was reported as saying Ghana is now looking for more information on the two, because “the US did not show us the Wikileaks report which said the two are of high-security risk.”
It is the uncertainty about this two that make Ghanaians nervous about their presence in the country.
Credit: Ghana Web

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