Actor Akrobeto denies starring in ‘Guantanamfo) Wo Kromu’ movie

Kumawood actor Actor, Kwasi Boadu popularly known as Akrobeto has denied starring in a local movie titled ‘Guantanamfo) Wo Kromu’.
The alleged movie said to be produced by Paykenkran Studios stars some Ghanaian actors including Christiana Awuni, Rose Mensah, a.k.a Kyeiwaa and Akrobeto.
Last week, the government announced that it had agreed to accommodate the two former terror suspects, Mahmoud Omar Mohammed Bin Atef (36 years) and Khalid Shayk Mohammed (34 years), in Ghana.
Several bodies, including the Ghana Catholic Bishops’ Conference in a statement said the two former detainees – Mahmoud Bin Atef fought for Osama Bin Laden at one time, while Khalid Shayk Mohammed is known to have trained with the terrorist group, Al Qaeda – could pose a threat to Ghana.
In the heat of the event, some Ghanaians have sought to reduce the tension by creating humour out of the rather serious situation. One of such humorous  enterprise is the reported release of ‘Guantanamofo) Wo Kromu’
Already the posters of ‘Guantanamofo) Wo Kromu’ have been circulating on social media and have got people talking.
The poster depicts the admission of the former Guantanamo detainees who are now in Ghana.
Reacting to the poster Akrobeto revealed in an interview with Amanda Jissih on ‘Showbiz Filla’ on Hitz FM that he has no knowledge about the movie.
He said in Twi that he hasn’t shot any movie concerning that and therefore has no idea about it.
The actor wondered how a movie could have been shot within that short period and most importantly have his face on posters as a character in the movie when he had played no such role.
He noted he has shot just three movies this year and people should not believe whatever is out there.
Credit: Hitz Fm

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