I’m sorry I showed my dick -Wisa

The Ghana Police Service (GPS) has officially charged upcoming musician, Wisa Greid of ‘Ekiki Me’ fame, with sexual assault and indecent exposure.
He will be processed for court this week after he willfully showed his manhood in public and even rubbed it on the buttocks of a female dancer during his performance at the famous ‘December 2 Remember’ concert last week at the Accra International Conference Centre (AICC).
A video recording that captured Wisa’s exposure of his manhood has gone viral on social media and attracted several comments, with one of the most common being on the apparently small size of his organ.
The musician has issued an official statement apologising to the organisers, Citi FM, patrons of the event and his fans for his shocking behaviour on the night.
“I have disappointed myself, my family, my hardworking management team, Citi FM and the audience who paid hard-earned money to be entertained but instead went away feeling anything but entertained… Most importantly, I disappointed my God. I am exceedingly sorry for what I have done,” Wisa disclosed in his statement.
The musician insists he cannot explain why he exposed his manhood on stage on that fateful night, but vehemently denied public speculations that he might have been under the influence of hard drugs or liquor.
Wisa Greid has subsequently released an ‘apology song’ to appease the rising public anger and condemnation of his misconduct.
However, ASP Afia Tenge, spokesperson of the Greater Accra Regional Police Command, has, however, told Joy FM that what Wisa did during his performance is a misdemeanour and the Ghana Police Service will allow the courts to give its ruling on it.
The police spokesperson said Wisa admitted to the act when he was invited and he was subsequently granted bail, but asked to report to the police while investigations continue.
Wisa Greid, on Monday told GHONE TV, “My mother has been crying since that day. She didn’t watch it but she heard the news the following day. As for my grandmother, I can’t face her… It wasn’t something I had planned to do on stage, it just happened. Me myself I was surprised I did it. I wasn’t high as some people are claiming, it just happened.”
Surely, the 2015 edition of Citi FM’s ‘December 2 Remember’ concert will be remembered for a very long time, courtesy Wisa Greid’s ‘Phallic’ performance.

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