Lionel Richie loves Reggie N Bollie perform

Ghanaian pair, Reggie N Bollie’s final berth in the X Factor UK Sunday night has been greeted with mixed reactions. While many see them as a breath of fresh air in this season’s show, others think they simply don’t deserve a place in the final.
Critics have said they lack the vocal enterprise for a reality show which sieves the best vocal performers to slug it out for honours. Many on the other side, simply love them for their classic and energetic performances week in and week out.
Multiple award-winning American artiste, Lionel Richie trumpeted this view when he met with the Ghanaian duo prior to their X Factor final ticket performance.
Reggie N Bollie, humbled by the meeting, urged those who have lost hope never to let their current situation erode their confidence and belief that the future can be better.
“Wowwww??? We just had a time of our lives with Lionel Richie. If you ever think of giving up on life just remember us,” they said on Instagram.
Lionel Richie, who has seen it all when it comes to music, was equally elated to meet the Ghanaian pair.
“I’ve heard about the two of you. I’m dying to see your performance,” he said and after the pair did a performance with only a piano, the music great added, “Do you known how hard it is to do what you just did with just a piano?”
“Singing is great, performance is everything,” Lionel Richie assured Reggie N Bollie.
The road to a place in the finale was not smooth; it was thorny and bumpty. On Saturday, their first performance on the night, Adam Levine’s ‘Locked Away’ was tagged as their worst performance of the reality show.
“Can I be honest with you guys; I think that was your worse performance of the competition so far. I will tell you I don’t think the vocals were great, I think you lost your sense of fun. It was too serious; it was nowhere near as good as the weeks before,” Simon Cowell criticised them heavily with the other judges agreeing.
Credit: Ernest Dela Aglanu

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