I want to join Praye – Andy Dosty

Renowned Ghanaian DJ and musician, Andy Dosty, has expressed his interest to be the third member of the Praye group.
The musician, known for hit songs like ‘Sore Nadi Asa’, ‘Desire’ and many others made this known on Monday morning on Hitz FM.
“I will join the group if only they give me the permission. I think my little contribution to the entertainment industry for the past years will help resurrect the group when I join them,” he mentioned.
Andy said he has started talks with Cartel Big J about his interest to be the ‘Honeho’ of the group since Eugene (now Choirmaster) is not willing to unite with his former group members.
According to him, he has tried on several occasions to bring the three members together but his effort has not yielded any positive result.
The radio and TV presenter added that he cannot allow the talent in the other two group members go waste, hence his interest to be the third member.
“They’ve churned out great songs, they’re bunch of great songwriters, young guys with energy and they also have focus. It saddens my heart the group is gradually collapsing. I think if they get someone who will push them with the brand, it will really go forward. They will soar higher and higher,” Andy said.
Credit: Hitz News

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