Mahama wouldn’t be President if he was in NPP – Freddie Blay

The New Patriotic Party says considering the abysmal record of President John Mahama and his NDC government over the last 7 years, it comes as no surprise to them that President Mahama is resorting to the politics of division, as the only likely means by which he can win the 2016 election. According to the party, President Mahama is so desperate to hang on to power that he does not mind if he [Mahama] “bangs the heads of Ghanaians together, tribe against tribe, and religion against religion.”
“To him, politics must be about ‘us against them’. The politics of division is what he chooses.” These remarks were made by the acting National Chairman of the NPP, Mr. Freddie Blay, when he addressed a press conference at the Headquarters of the party on recent pronouncements made by President Mahama on his Changing Lives Tour in the three Northern Regions. This, according to Mr. Blay, is clearly an act of desperation. “It is obvious that the understanding the President wanted his Tamale audience to get from his statement was tribal. Shameless tribal politics from him is acceptable. It appears when it comes to campaigning for votes John Mahama knows no better. He believes in crude, crass and cheap tribal politics even at the cost of threatening the unity and stability of our nation,” he added.
He continued, “we wish to remind the President that he first became President by a very unfortunate accident. He became President because of the sad and arguably mysterious death of his boss, President John Atta Mills. May God bless his soul.” Mr. Freddie Blay, however noted that President Mahama would not have been President if he were in the NPP. This, he said was because “the NPP will not risk putting the destiny of Ghana in the hands of an incompetent person who has shown to be soft on corruption, who is friendly to corruption and was even under investigation by his boss for corruption, according to the then Attorney-General, Martin Amidu.” The NPP, Freddie Blay added, will not impoverish the people of this country by choosing and imposing on Ghana, through deceit, a leader whose political philosophy can be defined as“an incompetent government by corrupt people, with corrupt people, and for corrupt people.”
Source: NPP

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