Sympathise with victims but not with French gov’t – CPP National Organiser

The Convention People’s Party National Youth Organiser believes the French government is a partner in terrorism and does not deserve sympathy in a Paris attack that has left at least 150 dead.
Ernesto Kofi Yeboah wants Ghanaians to rather sympathise with the victims of the Paris terror attacks and not the government.
He says the French government was equally responsible for the atrocities in Lybia which led deaths and destruction of the country’s infrastructure during the search and kill mission against the then Libyan leader Muammar Al Gaddafi.
In a facebook post Sunday, Ernesto Yeboah said the killing of more than 120 in Paris is as senseless as the killing of many innocent civilians in Lybia during the French campaign there.
Sympathy must therefore go to the victims of terrorism everywhere and not the governments who have been involved in the killing of civilians in other countries.
“We abhor all senseless killings and sympathise with the innocent victims whether they be French, Africans or Palestinians,” the post read.
We can criticize France for taking part in the NATO aggression against a sister African country. But we can sympathise with France for the loss of the Blood of its innocent citizens. There is no contradiction” he maintained.
Ghanaians have been engaged in a social media grief since last Friday’s tragedy, the worst in French history since World War II.
But there is also an undercurrent of criticism on social media suggesting that Ghanaians failed to solidarise with the people of Libya, Palestine, Lebanon in times of similar tragedy.
France is a member of military group North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) which attacked Libya in 2011 and removed its leader Gaddafi from power. He was killed on 20 October 2011.
According to Human Rights Watch, investigations into eight NATO air strikes that hit homes during the campaign in Libya, 28 men, 24 children, and 20 women lost their lives. Dozens of other civilians were wounded.
On July 30, 3 journalists were killed and 15 wounded in NATO attacks against the Libyan state TV Al-Jamahiriya, which continued to broadcast after the attacks.
Altogether, NATO conducted roughly 9,700 strike sorties and dropped over 7,700 precision-guided bombs during the seven-month campaign, according to Human Rights Watch.
Ernesto wants Ghanaian public outrage against victims of terror worldwide to be consistent.
“May the soul of Comrade Muammar Al Gaddafi rest in perfect peace. France attacked you and your people; they bombed churches, markets and Mosques; they KILLED thousands of innocent souls- women and children just to oust one man!”
Already US President Barack Obama is under attack on social media for what critics say is picking and choosing which tragedy to mourn.
Following President Obama’s statement that Friday’s Paris attacks were “an attack on the civilized world,” a trickle of criticism turning into a flood appeared on social media.
Commentators are offended by the fact that the president did not make similar statements following Thursday’s deadly ISIL attack in Beirut.
Twitter users, including several analysts and journalists, quickly began criticizing the president over his selective expression of outrage, given that the terrorist attacks in Lebanon, occurring only a day ahead of the horrific events in Paris, received no such grand words about ‘an attack on civilization’.
“Obama Calls Paris Events ‘Attack on Civilized World’. Lebanon and Egypt / Russia are obviously not civilized enough,” film producer Mikhail Galustov .
Ben Norton “Within minutes, Obama condemned the Paris attacks, yet says nothing about equally horrific attacks on civilians in Yemen, Palestine, Lebanon”
Norton expanded on what he meant, noting that “the Western-backed coalition bombed a Yemeni wedding on Sep 28, killing 131 civilians. That massacre didn’t go viral.”
On Thursday, twin blasts hit Beirut’s Burj al-Barajneh district, resulting in the deaths of at least 43 people, and 239 more injured, according to the Red Cross. ISIL has taken responsibility for the attack.
Source- Myjoyfm

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