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Indicted judges to seek review of “fraudulent” Anas’ petition

Lawyers of some of the implicated judges in the recent judicial scandal expose by Anas Aremeyaw Anas, have hinted they would be seeking a review of the investigative journalist’s petition to the Chief Justice on their clients.
Their resolve follows claims by former Attorney General, Martin Amidu that Anas’ investigations are carried out under the umbrella of a “fraudulent” company- Tiger Eye PI.
“There is no entity existing under the Constitution and laws of Ghana known as Tiger Eye or Tiger Eye PI. It only exists in a web page created by the alleged CEO as a dummy with which the international and Ghanaian public has been conned for financial gain all these years. Any letter signed in the name of Tiger Eye or Tiger Eye PI is a fraud on the public,” Amidu wrote in an article Wednesday.
This revelation, according to the lawyers, gives them leverage, and the petition when filed, has the propensity to change the course of the hearing by the Judicial Council.
“The supposed persons whose investigation report was received by the judicial service was Tiger Eye PI. He [Mr. Amidu] is saying that Tiger Eye PI is not an incorporated person at law. What it means is that no petition in law has been submitted for the removal of our client because you can’t put something on nothing and let it stand.” He argued that “If somebody in law doesn’t exist, there is no way the person can present an investigative report that we have had in the last few months” lawyer Charles Bentum told Accra- based Citi FM.
“I have been under the impression that the company Tiger Eye PI Media Ghana Limited was the same as Tiger Eye PI and I have now woken up to find that they are not same. And to that extent, we think that the whole of the processes that we’ve been through so far should be reviewed,” he added.
Source – Ghanaweb

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