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Martin Amidu being used to create diversion – Anas' Lawyer

Lawyer for journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas says former Attorney-General Martin Amidu is being used to deflect public attention from the judicial bribery scandal.
“He is clearly doing someone’s bidding to create a diversion,” Mr. Kissi Agyebeng told Joy News’ Francis Abban on Midday News.
The anti-corruption campaigner Martin Amidu is on a dramatic collision course with Anas Aremeyaw Anas, questioning the credibility of Anas’ investigative work that shocked the nation three months ago.
Seven High Court judges have been suspended following video evidence showing they allegedly took bribes and goats to divert the course of justice.
Marin Amidu has been attacking the genuineness of Anas’s private investigations and objectives of his company, Tiger Eye PI which did the investigations.
He claims that Tiger Eye PI is a fraudulent company. He has been contending that Tiger Eye PI is neither registered nor licensed as a private not-for-profit investigative company. He is convinced that the “dummy” company is helping the government achieve its propaganda objectives.
His checks revealed that the registered company which appears to be Tiger Eye PI is actually Tiger Eye PI Media Limited, (with No. CA-57,545 incorporated on 7th April 2009)
The company he says, “might also be unlawfully operating as private investigation organizations in Ghana without being licensed and permitted by the Minister of the Interior to carry on the business of private investigations.”
He concludes that Tiger Eye PI was paid by government to expose corrupt judges in order to divert attention from corrupt politicians.
He has also said Tiger Eye shielded some corrupt judges because it selectively chose which of the alleged corrupt judges to expose.
The claims serialized since Monday have held the nation spellbound as the two famous anti-corruption campaigners trade accusations, epistles and engage in name-calling.
In an expected reaction, Kissi Agyebeng, who is lawyer for the undercover journalist, expressed disappointment that Mr. Amidu’s promised evidence to show Anas is a paid government agent, is nothing more than speculations.
He says Amidu has failed to provide specifics in his so-called evidence.
Source – Ghanaweb

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