Electoral Commission must be commended – Group

A group known as backbone of good governance has called on Ghanaians, stakeholders and all political parties to commend the Electoral Commission for its outstanding work done and for brilliantly responding constructively to the arguments brought forward  by all the political parties.
Below is the full release
Commend the electoral commission and the eminent panel that was set up to review the proposal presented by political parties and civil society.
We think they have done an excellent work and the commissioner and his administration deserve a commendation. This show how preparedness madam shallot and his team are on top to handle any attempt to bring the credibility of the commission to disrepute.
Before the recommendation of the committee report is presented we call all interested group to embrace the recommendation with good faith,with the best interest of mother Ghana.
We congratulate the researchers attempt to highlight the short falls of our electoral register.
We believe the proposals brought forth by the various interest groups will go along way to address the little infraction in our voter register and enhance its efficiency and improve Ghana enviable reputation achieved in regards to conduct of transparent free and fair election in Africa and the world at large.
It has taken deep insight of the electoral commission and it noble team to save this country from that huge sum of money and political instability.
It beholds on political leaders to be circumspect in issues raise that influence the governance of the state.
It is clear that Ghanaian register was compiled before Togolese voter register, it is also true that facial pauses of two individual can be the same but the biometric figure print can never be the same, by God through his own wisdom made it distinct from each other that make the researcher findings totally baseless and fraudulent and should be treated with the contempt it deserve. Opposition leaders are government in waiting; they have the responsibility to provide alternative policy direction rather than attacking state institution.
Thank you.
Evans Armoo
(Executive Director)

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