‘Don’t try to bulldoze your way through’ – Karbo tells Afoko

Anthony Karbo, the Deputy Director of Communications of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), has admonished the party’s former Chairman, Paul Afoko to use the party’s internal mechanisms to address his problems. He explained that going to court will not help Mr. Afoko in anyway because the NPP constitution states that “no member of the party without exhausting internal mechanisms and grievances can take the party to court.”
Karbo was speaking on Eyewitness News in relation to the dismissal of a suit, which sought to challenge processes used in suspending Mr. Afoko and subsequent protest by some party members at the NPP’s head office on Thursday. The protestors were unhappy with Afoko’s suspension and called on the party to reinstate him. They also asked the party to allow Mr. Kwabena Agyepong to operate as the General Secretary without any interference. Mr. Karbo argued that “…Article 3b of the party’s constitution emphasize the duties and responsibilities of members of the party and at all times we must endear to uphold the image of the party and to protect it jealously. And we expect that all party members should respect the decision of the National Executive Committee.”
“I’m not sure that attempting to try and bulldoze your way through in making your point will help but will rather worsen the situation,” he added. On party members who picketed at the NPP’s head office, Anthony Karbo said “their concerns have been taken on board…and the appropriate decisions will be taken.” “But what many of us would expect is that the internal structures and mechanisms to resolve this crisis are activated by those affected and I would have thought that by now at least Mr. Paul Afoko having indicated in his public utterances that he’s still chairman would have used the internal party mechanisms to resolve the matter,” he noted.
Source – Joyfm

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