Desailly: ‘There is a clique somewhere’ at Chelsea

Marcel Desailly says “there is a clique somewhere” that is seriously affecting the “collective capacity of Chelsea”.
There have been several stories of unrest in the Stamford Bridge camp over the last few weeks and earlier on Tuesday Cesc Fabregas was reported to be leading a “mini-revolt” – a notion which he denied very quickly on Twitter.
John Terry also rejected talk of a rift in the Blues camp at today’s press conference, but Chelsea legend Desailly says it’s “obvious” there is a division in the squad.
“It’s obvious that something has happened,” the former Blues centre-back told beIN Sports.
“There is a clique somewhere. The first game they played, the substitution of John Terry during the game and other small elements.
“Sometimes you cannot explain what is going on, it is just that the collective capacity of Chelsea is not there anymore.”

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