Reggie and Bollie make their X Factor finals debut

There’s always a gimmick act on X Factor and this year Reggie N Bollie have been identified as the likely ones, who take that unwanted title in this year’s competition.
But after Cheryl’s group took to the stage at the first live final’s tonight, the reggae act were told by Simon Cowell they were far from this year’s novelty performers.
Following a rendition of Shaggy’s legendary track ‘It Wasn’t Me’, the African-born pair were surprised to hear the head judge only had good things to say.
Reggie n Bollie make their X Factor finals debut
“I’ve never been so irritated because you’re so good,” the TV mogul confessed.
“Now I’m even more irritated because you are so good,” he joked. “When Cheryl actually put you through on the Six Chair Challenge I actually thought she was certifiably nuts, but now I get it.
While Cowell wasn’t impressed with some of the choreography, he insisted that the group were a serious contender in the competition and predicted that the British public would take the act “to their hearts”.boliee
“I love you guys, I think you’re fun, I think you’re relevant. You are really nice people… It was so much fun. I think the competition needs you and I think the British public are going to take you to their hearts.” The two stood out for singing their own song Turn It Up at their first audition and want to fulfill their dreams by making it to the live shows.
The star performed the Shaggy classic to the delight of the judges and mentor Cheryl Cole
They were embroiled in controversy when it was revealed that they already had ties to Syco Productions as rejects from Britain’s Got Talent.
On why they stand out from everybody else they have previously said: “Our genre of music is completely different from what everyone else does – urban reggae. We are totally set apart from the other bands.
“Our style of performing is also different. Everyone else is very choreographed and well rehearsed but we are more about the vibe.”
Perhaps more ambitiously the two said they want to be recognised globally: “Five years from now we want to be an act that have become a household name both in the UK and around the world. We want a global audience and want to tour non stop.
“We want to be an act that represents a movement and does something positive for society. The two of us have been through a lot and come through that.”
Source: mirror.co.uk

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