NPP vows to deal with moles flirting with gov't- Obiri Boahene

An angry Deputy General Secretary of the New Patriotic Party is accusing “senior elements” within the party of flirting with “elements” in the governing NDC to derail the chances of the party from winning power.
Nana Obiri Boahene would not mention names of those in bed with the NDC, expect to say that in the fullness of time they will come out with full details.
According to him the party has given those elements enough “room to misconduct themselves” and the time is up to confront them boot-for-boot.
He was responding to a writ said to have been filed by three supporters of the suspended chairman Paul Afoko against 30 senior members of the NPP.
The writ among other things is to restrain the party from holding [Freddie Blay] out as acting chairman of the party and convening meetings without the purportedly suspended chairman of the party (Chairman Afoko) being the convener of the meetings.
The applicants, Tweneboa Kodua Emmanuel, Stephen Owusu and Joseph Oppong, also want to restrain the defendants from taking decisions in any meeting not convened by Chairman Afoko, until this dispute is finally determined.
Lawyers for Afoko are also pushing for jail terms for the top executives of the NPP who convened a steering committee meeting Tuesday afternoon.
They are angry the executives went ahead with the Steering Committee meeting even when they have filed a writ at the High Court seeking to injunct the party’s decision to suspend Paul Afoko.
There was drama, when the General Secretary Kwabena Agyapong walked out of the Steering Committee meeting citing his receipt of the writ filed in court. He did not want to be caught up in a possible contempt of court case and decided to recuse himself but that did not go down well with the party’s security some of whom were said to have heckled and assaulted the party’s scribe.
Tuesday’s incident is the latest scene in the NPP drama of internal political wrangling that has been characterised with accusations, threats, assaults, violent battles.
But in a no holds barred reaction, Nana Obiri Boahene described  the writ as a sham, a communist inferior tactics to stop the NPP from focusing.
“Some of us are not prepared to indulge in legal semantics. I overheard him [Afoko’s lawyer] say he was going to cite some people for contempt. Let him go ahead and file the application. I will respond appropriately.
“Some of don’t need tutorials about contempt applications. So let him go ahead and do that. This communist inferior tactics they are practicing. We will tell them it is good riddance for them.
“We are not joking. We are serious,” he said. He doubted claims any writ has been filed at all, saying when was the writ issued, when was the writ of summons filed; when was the so-called interlocutory injunction for filed, when was it served; it was served on who? he asked.
“…I think enough is enough. NPP is prepared to go all out and defend the party.
“We are tired of them. Those who are in bed with elements of the ruling government and they will go all out to scuttle attempts of Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.
“We know them and at the appropriate time we will deal with them,
“We are prepared to meet them squarely. In court, out of court, we are ready for them” he said.
He added Afoko is no longer the chairman of the NPP “pure and simple.”

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