FIFA Medical chief Dr. Jiri Dvorak, Eto'o to launch 4th "FIFA 11 for health" programme in Ghana

FIFA’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Jiri Dvorak and Ex African footballer of the year Samuel Eto’o will be in Ghana on November 3 to launch the 4th “FIFA 11 for health” programme.
Fifa has approved Ghana as the first country in the world for the fourth leg of the ‘Fifa 11 for Health’ programme that trains kids in school to avoid health problems through various football drills.
Prof Jiri Dvorak and Eto’o will launch the programme in Accra and also address pressing issues on health in football at a press conference.
The programme has so far covered 500 schools across Ghana with1000 teachers and about 30,000 students having gone through the training programme.
Dr. Pambo who is the project coordinator explained that Ghana’s success story has made it FIFA’s preferred destination to implement the next phase of the programme.
“Fifa believe that Ghana has excelled and that’s why it is the first country in the world to have the 4th programme”.
“This program is aimed at using football which is the passion of the nation to increase the interest of children in physical activities while also improving their health status”, the GFA medical committee member stated.

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