Pastor Agyinasare on Ofori Amponsah's story

Charles Agyinasare, presiding Bishop of Perez Chapel International, has said it is not proper for newly-saved Christians to be made head pastors of churches where an entire congregation is put under their leadership.
The highly respected Bishop of about four decades of experience in Christian leadership made the comment when asked to give his opinion of Pastor Ofori Amponsah, the secular musician who announced he had found Christ and had therefore abandoned his music which mostly centred on erotic love.
Ofori then announced that he had formed his own church, only to disappoint his congregation three years later by returning to the ‘worldly’ music he publicly denounced.
Speaking to Bola Ray on Starr Fm’s Star Chat last Wednesday, Bishop Agyinasare opined that Ofori Amponsah, after his supposed conversion to Christ,  should have undergone a period of preparation and mentorship before establishing his own church to mentor and lead a Christian congregation to Christ.
The Christian leader said putting newly-saved persons immediately in pastoral leadership positions could destroy them.
Agyinasare said though he does not hate hiplife musicians, there are certain conditions under which he would allow them to perform in his church.
“I don’t hate hiplife artistes but I don’t like the way some of them will dress to the place [his church] … and the way some of them will behave at the place… I will only accommodate them if only we will be assured of decorum. Even though it is a public place, it is also a church and I wouldn’t want people to come there smoking,” Agyinasare noted.
The Christian leader mentioned some high-life musicians he said performed “meaningful songs” in the past.
Pastor Ofori Amponsah, three years after his supposed divine calling and public declaration that he had left secular music, has released a fresh secular hiplife tune, ‘Alewa’, in which he features ace artiste Sarkodie. It is produced by Keywa.
The song glorifies fornication and celebrates erotic love between lovers.
It has generated a deafening public uproar and split public opinion but Ofori Amponsah insists it is only a fool who does not change his/her mind and that he continues to remain a holy spirit-filled head pastor of a Christian church.
“I don’t want us to argue much about this but excuse me to say it is only a fool that does not change the mind. I am human and I am rational and things change every day in my life. So there are times I can change my mind. I am not an angel.  I was in a situation that I was dying inside me and I believe I took the right decision to go to Christ.
“I have not changed my mind. This type of love song I do is not against God. I have thought about it and realised I can preach better through my music,” Ofori has explained.
Credit: Daily Guide

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