Voters register: Arrogant NDC has something up its sleeve – CPP Youth Organiser

Youth Organiser of the Convention People’s Party (CPP) says the ruling National Democratic Congress’ fierce rejection of proposals for a new voter’s register to be compiled shows the party can manipulate the current register.
Ernesto Yeboah also described as arrogant, utterances by key figures of the ruling National Democratic Congress against allegations that the current electoral register is bloated.
Speaking on PM Express on Joy News channel (Multi TV) Tuesday, the CPP Youth Organiser said the ruling party’s entrenched position on the ongoing debate about the current register is sinister.
Peter Boamah-Otokuno, Deputy Research Director of the NDC, who was also on the show, said the CPP man’s assertions are unfounded.
He said instead of compiling a new register, political parties must speak to the EC and request for deletion of names of minors and foreigners alleged to be in the current register.
The ruling party on Monday did a u-turn hours to an Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) debate on the electoral roll. The NDC said by holding an event to discuss the views of various political parties on the register, the IEA was trying to usurp the powers of the Electoral Commission (EC).
In a statement, the party said the EC would be the only constitutionally mandated institution to collate views about the current voter’s register.
However, the CPP Youth Organiser said the excuses being put forward by the ruling party is only a smokescreen.
“The NDC didn’t just run away from the IEA debate, they are running away from virtually every debate. When you have a political party that is no longer interested in listening to the people; in voicing the concerns of the people, it is because they know they have a voters’ register they can manipulate,” he asserted.
He adds that comments by President John Mahama and other members of the party is further proof of NDC’s complacency.
“You have a President who goes about and tells the people who voted for him that he is a dead goat. The only reason why the President would muster courage to say this to the people of Ghana would be because we have a voters’ register that is not credible and irrespective of what the people think, the voters’ register is under the full manipulation of one political party, the NDC,” Ernesto Yeboah said.
The CPP Youth Organiser insists a new voter’s register must be compiled.
Meanwhile, the IEA says the NDC lost an opportunity to present its views to Ghanaians on the controversial debate on the electoral register by opting out of the event.
Source – joyonline

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