I won’t campaign for my daughter on NDC’s platform – Nana Konadu

Barely few days after former President Rawlings joined her daughter Zenator Rawlings, to launch her campaign to contest the NDC’s parliamentary primaries in the Klottey Korle Constituency , her mother, Nana Konadu; has served notice she will not mount the NDC’s platform to support her daughter. The former First Lady and leader of the National Democratic Party (NDP), says she will only offer guidance to her daughter on her journey to success.
Nana Konadu, a onetime active executive member of the NDC, broke away from the party in the lead up to the 2012 elections, after she and her husband consistently criticized the then NDC administration’s performance under the leadership of late President Atta Mills. But in what appears to be a rather liberal family, their daughter Zanetor Rawlings, is seeking to enter Parliament on the ticket of the party her mother has fallen out with. Her father, who remains a critic of the party’s performance in power, showed his support openly by endorsing her daughter during her recent campaign launch.
But the mother on the other hand, showing her disgust for what she says is the NDC’s broken principles of probity and accountability, has told Accra based-Joy FM she will not support her daughter’s campaign on the platform of the NDC. She says if her daughter had sought her opinion to contest on the ticket of the NDC, she would have advised against it. “We are a family of open-mindedness; we do accept criticism and we do accept correction and support. In her running in the NDC, if she had asked my opinion it would have been different but she took her decision and I think that she is entitled to that decision because she’s an adult and she has grown up in an open house. So yes; maybe I won’t stand on her platform but I will give her the meanderings of how to get up. I will give her a pat on the back.” Zanetor Rawlings is seeking to unseat the incumbent Member of Parliament Nii Armah Ashittey in the November 7 primaries.
Source – Citfm

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