Flagstaff House must also pay utility bills – Kofi Kapito

The Chief Executive Officer of the Consumer Protection Agency, Kofi Kapito, is asking the presidency to pay utility bills for Flagstaff House. According to him, this will set an example for Ghanaians.
Kofi Kapito was speaking on Eyewitness News in response to President Mahama’s comment that if Ghanaians want consistent power, they must be prepared to pay more.
The consumer protection advocate explained that some students are paying extra charges to get consistent power supply in their schools. He argued that since students are being forced to pay for electricity, then the presidency must also be compelled to do same. “So everybody, including the president’s own residency including the Flagstaff House should pay their utility bills. Just as Whitehouse and other advanced countries pay their utilities, I think the time has come, if the president is saying so, then he must set an example,” added Kofi Kapito. Wages must increase over impending tariff increase.
Kofi Kapito added that if tariffs would be increased, it is also prudent for government to further increase wages of workers to enable Ghanaians pay the supposed realistic tariffs President Mahama proposed. “Telling Ghanaians to pay realistic or pay more for utilities, I will also suggest to the president that he should try as much as possible to pay realistic wages for Ghanaian workers. Looking at the rate that Ghanaians are being paid, taxed, and stretched, I think its very unfortunate for the President to make a statement that he supports the upward increment of utility prices.” The Electricity Company of Ghana wants electricity tariffs increased by over 100%.
Source – Citifm

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