“Sannie Daara is a small boy who doesn’t respect”, Foh-Amoaning fumes

A member of Ghana’s 2014 World Cup Commission, Moses Foh-Amoaning has slammed Ghana FA Communications Director, Ibrahim Sannie Daara for claiming that the Dzamefe Commission was out to witch-hunt the GFA. In a recent interview with Happy FM, Sannie Daara stated his disappointment in the Commission’s work since it did not seek to question circumstances that led to government’s failure to make an early payment of appearance fees to the Black Stars to avoid the revolt in camp in Brazil during the 2014 World Cup yet sought to implicate the GFA. Foh-Amoaning questioned Sannie Daara’s respect for authority and claims the Commission will move swiftly to redeem its image.
“Somebody like Sannie Daara is a small boy who doesn’t respect. For Sannie to say we have conspired to do certain things like witch-hunting, we will take steps to make sure our image is redeemed. Nobody has the intention of witchhunting anybody. If they have any point to put across, they should do it in a polite way and not in this rude manner that Sannie Daara has done. What I don’t want is the Commission to be maligned,” Foh-Amoaning told Accra based Atinka FM.

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