Nana Aba’s suspension an ‘overkill’ – Ace Ankomah

A private legal practitioner Ace Ankomah believes that television station TV3’s public suspension of their presenter, Nana Aba Anamoah was an overreaction.
TV3 in a statement on Saturday said they have taken Nana Aba off air following the social media frenzy that ensued over her tweeting of a picture suggesting she was in the United Kingdom watching a Manchester United game. Management of the station claim they have been embarrassed by Nana Aba’s actions, hence the decision to suspend her until further notice. But, speaking to Citi News, Ace Ankomah described the public announcement of the suspension as an “overkill.” He said when TV3 realized that the issue adversely affected their reputation, they could have just taken Nana Aba off quietly “and probably make a joke out of all of this because it’s been quite a joking trend that she was everywhere even on the moon.”
“But when the story was just about dying then there is a full press release, unless something happened in the background I don’t know, but I think that the announcement was a bit of an overkill,” he added. Meanwhile, after trolling and ‘crucifying’ her days following her recent faux pas, Ghanaians have rallied behind the popular TV presenter and are calling for her reinstatement following her suspension.

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