Soccabet launched an event

Soccabet, a recently established sports betting company, hosted its launching event at Golden Tulip – Accra, on Saturday September 26th 2015.
The event aimed to give the audience a clear description about the company workflow, goals and given opportunities within the Ghanaian market.
“With more than 50 shops in Accra, 10 000 online clients and more than 1 000 jobs opportunities, our company is leading the sports betting company in Ghana” said Mr. Gungoreen Arslan, one of Soccabet founders. “We are not looking only to establish a profitable organization, but we are working forward on how to improve our clients living conditions by offering them a lot of winning opportunities” he added.
The event honor guests, Mr. Samuel Johnson and Mr. Laryea Kingstone, two of BLACK STARS formers, shared the moment with the audience to express their support to the company that reflects a good image about sports and specially the black stars team’s activities.
President of the Gaming Commission of Ghana, Emmanuel Quaynoo appealed to the Police to desist from seizing equipment from betting outfits; describing the approach as unlawful.
He pointed out that “The Commission is the only institution mandated by law to seize any equipment if they find operators violating the gaming laws.
“I am appealing to the Police and Municipal Authorities to desist from the act and rather contact the Commission for directions if they suspect any wrong doing by a betting outfit.
He added that the situation is becoming very embarrassing especially to the licenced companies.
“Individuals including foreigners have invested massively into the venture and it would be very disturbing if they are treated in such an embarrassing manner,” he noted.
He advised that any game of chance in the country must be registered and approved by the Commission.
The event chairman, Mr. Ernest, explained Soccabet’s policies and rules implied by the company to guarantee a fair and responsible play. “It’s important to mention that our customers are the most important part of our business. Once they are playing, we ensure that they do it responsibly”, he said.
“Our rules restrict accepting clients under the age of 18. In addition, we monitor our clients’ transactions to ensure that they are keeping control by playing in a way they can afford”, Mr. Ernest added.
The event concluded with a cake cutting, a launch and press interviews at Golden Tulip’s conference hall.
Credit: Daily Guide

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