Black Queens strip today over $23,000 bonus

Beleaguered members of the Black Queens have threatened to hit the streets of Accra today in protest for their unpaid bonuses.
The All African Games gold medalists are demanding $23,000 each for their efforts-qualifying bonus and prize money for winning gold in Congo Brazzaville from the Youth and Sports Ministry.
Players of the team told the media yesterday that they felt insulted when Youth and Sports Minister Dr Mustapha Ahmed told them in the face to take the $2, 000 bonus or they (Ministry) will give it to the Black Princesses for their trip to Equatorial Guinea.
They have therefore threatened to demonstrate in their birth day clothes to petition the First Lady, Lordina Mahama to press home their demands.
Beside themselves with rage, the heroines have also hinted that they are not vacating the M-Plaza Hotel until they receive full payment of the allowance due them.
Joined by her colleagues, skipper of the side, Mercy Myers said, “All we are demanding is our $23,000. The outstanding is $11,000 which includes qualifying and other bonuses plus the $12,000 we are entitled to from the Games.”
“If we knew this was what the Minister had offered, we wouldn’t have gone for the competition. One of the players flew down on a round trip ticket of $6,000, from her pocket and you are giving her $2,000, is it not an insult?”
“We are fighting for ourselves and those who will come after us. This has been going on for long, it’s been consistent, we shouldn’t encourage it.”
“You will feel sad if you should see how emaciated some of our predecessors look now. We know we are phasing out but the right thing must be done.”
“Asamoah Gyan really did well for us, when he saw us in Brazzaville, he realized there was something wrong; in fact we were down and when we told him our problem, he didn’t blink an eye and sorted us out ($10,000).”
“We are not growing younger, we have families who depend on us. They know we have travelled, won gold, so expectations are high. Four years ago when our male colleagues won gold they received $5,000, so in actual sense we should receive something higher than what they received.”
“What I don’t understand is when we are catered for well, it trickles down to other members of our families which makes the burden on government lighter.”
“Brother, our case is bad to the extent that there are times we go for camping and no single official will pass through to even say hi ladies. We sometimes struggle to raise money to buy basic needs like sanitary towels. We are not demanding for cars, they should give us our money,” she added.
Ghana defeated Cameroon 1-0 to lift the ultimate in the eleventh continental sports festival, and have been lodging at the M-Plaza Hotel since arriving in the country on September 20.
Source: Daily Guide

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