IPP to introduce free Wi-Fi when voted for in 2016

The leader and flag bearer of the Independents People’s Party says his party will implement programs to the benefit of Ghanaians. Among these programs to be implemented by the party is the provision of free internet Wi-Fi.
The party, according to Kofi Akpaloo, will build a strong police force and also introduce a solid transportation system that will create jobs for the teaming unemployed youth in the country.
“Ghana’s current situation is terribly brutal, we are not safe, because unemployment rate is hovering around 49.8%, crime rate 42.3% seriously escalating, visible cancerous corruption within the 3 arms of government. We need a safe and prosperous country now and Independent People Party has the vision for a changed Ghana. He said the IPP’s vision of a safe country will be realized through a highly effective Police administration.
“A Police service supported by specialized units to deal with gangs and drugs as well as a highly efficient, honest and visible traffic police. We will work together with community policing forums and civil society to create a safe country for all”
“We will ensure that we implement a highly efficient public transport system that is safe and affordable and connect communities and people to new and exciting opportunities” Mr. Akpaloo said, the IPP’s vision is to connect communities and create jobs through an affordable and reliable transport system that works.
“IPP dreamt of a truly reconciled and inclusive Ghana where people from all walks of life can work together, live together and play together in a safe and prosperous country. In order to achieve all of this Ghana must be a forward thinking country that plans for the future and is a hub of innovation and investment. Imagine living in a forward-thinking country that connects its citizens to the rest of the world through its free Wi-Fi hotspots in libraries and public open spaces, with free access and free data for everyone to be online.”
Speaking about 2016 election campaigns Mr. Akpaloo said his party will begin a nationwide tour to send the party’s message to the doorstep of the masses. The party will tomorrow hold its congress in the Ashanti region to elect executives to represent the party in 2016 general elections.

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