Provide us jobs; no excuses – Volta youth to gov’t

A group that calls itself Concerned Youth for Employment in the Volta Region has asked government to provide jobs for the youth of Volta Region.
Members of the group, who were clad in black and red attire, marched through the streets of Hohoe, and later knelt in the streets on Friday night to plead with government to bring jobs to the region. The leader of the group, Malcom Selasie Asamoah, said that government has no excuse to deny Volta Region youth job opportunities. “We are on our knees, begging our president that the youth of Volta Region need jobs, that the youth of Volta region are awake, that we’ll not take any excuse. Come next year, there’ll be no excuse for NDC, there will be no excuse for CPP, and there will be no excuse for NPP. All we need from our parties is that every one of us here must have a job,” he said.
He pointed out that even those who are self- employed need support from government. “I know that some of you are self-employed. Look, you need support. You can’t do it on your own. You need the support of government.” Selasie also warned that the group will be marching to the offices of the Ministry of Employment next month. “I want to tell government, through the minister of employment, Honorable Haruna Iddrisu, that next month, we are marching to Ministry of Employment.” In 2010, the government placed a ban on the recruitment of employees in the public sector to reduce the increasing wage bill.

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