Incorporate long term plans into manifestos – NDPC to political parties

The National Development Planning Commission (NDPC) have commenced consultation for the 40-year long-term development plan for Ghana in Bolgatanga. The NDPC is currently embarking on nationwide consultation of views to incorporate the needs of the MMDAs in the long-term plan.
Director-General of the NDPC, Dr. Nii Moi Thompson said proper planning through the long term development plan will ensure that plans are put in place to tackle perennial problems. “We may not be able to eliminate them completely but we can minimize whatever effects. By planning properly we will be able to minimize the effects of  flooding or storms.  By planning properly we will be able to get the requisite skills. If we plan for education properly we will be able to develop our own country as opposed to  always relying on China.” Dr. Thompson called for the need to work towards reducing gender inequality and inequity which have high prevalence in the North.
“We need to address the discrimination against girls and women. The “Kaayaye” phenomenon needs to be addressed because it’s a moral  embarrassment against us as a nation and a society On the issue of witches’ camps, we cannot afford to have witches camps for the very mothers who brought us into the world. Those demonizations should be gone but broadly we need to work towards equality.” Dr. Thompson admonished various political parties to incorporate the long term development plan into their manifestoes. “There are partners in the whole exercise because at any point in time one of those political parties will be in power and will be responsible for the development of the country and so it is important that they are part of the discussions. They understand the discussions and that will inform their manifestoes  so that there will be closer relationship between manifestoes and what successive governments do,” Dr. Thompson stressed.

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