African Christians suffer from ‘Acquired Immune Spirituality Syndrome’ – Lumumba

African Christians have taken “a bash” from renowned Kenyan law professor and Pan-Africanist, P.L.O Lumumba, who believes they are “suffering from the Acquired Immune Spirituality Syndrome. He was speaking in the context of how corruption is deep-seated in Africans, and that no matter how many times they attend church, they still go back to their old ways.
“I was telling a congregation not long ago that those who go to church on Sundays suffer from  what I call Acquired Immune Spirituality Syndrome and that they go to church every Sunday to receive their anti-retrovirals to last them for six days and that they go again and again.”
He also believes the difficult economic situations across the country is fueling such behaviours. Prof. Lumumba said these challenges which have turned many Africans into “church-goers” can actually be tackled if they take the initiative to speak about these challenges and devise measures to resolve them. “… Africans also have a problem which cannot be spoken about episodically. It is something that we must speak and act about.
We must move into the arena of networking very quickly…young Africans must be meaningfully engaged.” The Pan-Africanist is convinced the continent will not realise it’s full potential if it fails to resolve pertinent issues such as unemployment, among others.

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