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Doctors issue another notice of mass resignation

The Ghana Medical Association (GMA) has sent another strong signal that its members may resign en masse in the coming days if negotiations with government continue to move at a slow pace.
According to them, they are unhappy with the current state of negotiations with government over the drafting of their conditions of service.

Earlier this month, the GMA deferred its intended mass resignation to give government more time to finalize the preparation of a document containing their conditions of service.
The Deputy General Secretary of the GMA, Dr Justice Yankson called on government to speed up the process of producing the document or face the consequences.
“In terms of negotiations, some activities have taken place but unfortunately by way of progress very little or none.  We are not happy with what is happening at the negotiation table but we are still giving the benefit of the doubt,” Dr Yankson said.
He added that their deadline is “fast approaching”.
“Between now and then a lot can change So we are still optimistic that something could be arrived at by way of some negotiated condition of service before that day. Beyond that, I cannot pre-empt whatever activities except to say that the general assembly spoke and put a road map and we as council or executive committee are mandated to follow that.”
The stakeholders are aware of everything that transpired from last year till now so we had made our case known to the government negotiation team and we are waiting for their responses,” Dr Yankson added.
Credit: citinews

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