Education is our priority – PPP

The regional treasurer of the progressive people’s party (PPP), Mr. Isaac Prah says the party’s earnest priority is on education.
Commenting on the issues affecting the country currently , Mr. Prah emphasized that the party vision for ghanaians is to make education accessible.
“our major concern is the and focus is on education ,that Mr. Nduom don’t joke about. he is bent on making education his number priority and to make it accessible to all Ghanaians.”
on other issues
Mr Prah questioned why Ghana after discovering oil cannot refund the oil in our own land ” are we refining the oil elsewhere because we have no money or its because of mismanagement?” he quized
Later he concluded by adding that the PPP is ready to win power in 2016 and was very confident of winning the kwabre seat which was won by 22year old Francesca oteng mensah.
“NPP clearly showed that they are ready for games by electing a 22year old, so we will make them aware that kwabre East seat belongs to the PPP”
He later pleaded with the general public to support them in every means possible.

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