PNC heads to court over Talensi by-election

The People’s National Convention has vowed to challenge the results of Tuesday’s Talensi by-election in court.

The General Secretary of the PNC Benard Monah said leaders of the NDC and NPP bought votes and connived with EC officials to rig the elections.

NDC candidate and former head of the Ghana Prisons Service, BT Baba won the elections with 10,366 representing 42.31% of the total votes cast as against Thomas Duanab’s (NPP) 6,845 representing 27.94% of the total votes.

The PNC candidate Wombeoto Namailteng garnered 6,836 representing 27.90% of the total votes cast followed by the PPP which had 214 votes representing 0.87%. The GFP polled 58 votes, NVP had 93, UPP managed 49 while the IPP polled a paltry 38.
Mornah said the Electoral Commission failed to even address legitimate concerns raised at the various polling stations.

“There is no mystery that prior to the election yesterday that you went and the minister or the deputy would not be in Talensi, government resources were used in the order that they obtained what they gained.

“They came here buying elections; it is what we witnessed in Talensi that now tells us that after all the electoral commission has a way of taking away people’s vote and giving it to others.

“Where we even had a legitimate case and protested the electoral commission would refuse to listen to our protest”.
“Talensi Election Was Sold To Highest Bidder”, Mornah said on another platform.

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