Gyan is not to blame for Castro’s disappearance – Castro's father

John Eshun, the father of missing hiplife Castro, has said he does not blame Asamoah Gyan for his son’s disappearance.
“We are concerned about what has happened to my son, but please, I don’t believe his good friend, Asamoah Gyan has a hand in his disappearance, so let’s leave him alone. No one should blame him for what has happened.”
Theophilous Tagoe, also known as Castro, disappeared exactly a year ago today, July 6, after going on a ride on a jet ski on the Ada estuary with a female companion, Janet Bandu.
Though Mr Eshun is saddened by the disappearance of his son, he does not believe that the captain of the Black Stars, Gyan, nicknamed, Baby Jet had any hand in his disappearance, despite the fact that it was at a Gyan-organised event that the unfortunate incident took place a year ago.
However, reflecting on ‘a  year without finding Castro’, Mr Eshun told the Showbiz: “I am an elderly person and very observant. From what I have seen and the effort the Gyan family and their friends have made to ensure that my son was found, the ‘judgment passed by public court’ is rather unfortunate.
“It is sad Asamoah has suffered such serious stigmatisation because of the incident and this should not be the case. From what I have seen, Gyan wishes Castro would appear even today.”
According to him, Gyan was very devastated by the accident and particularly on that day and the days after. He did everything he could either physically or financially to ensure that his friend and brother was found dead or alive.
“To be honest with you, I will always stand by the truth. People may have problems with Asamoah Gyan, but he is a good person. What I saw with my eyes when we got to the place, his efforts and how people took advantage to fleece him due to his desperation to find Castro, showed he was as worried as any of us.
“People claimed they could help find Castro or bring him back and Gyan family desperation to find his friend was visible. He hosted the marine police and he was ready to part with money to get his brother and his friend back. I cannot imagine the amount of money he invested in those unsuccessful efforts,” Mr Eshun added.
Aside that, he said the Gyan family were constantly in touch with his family till date. “They assured us that whatever length we want to go to establish the whereabouts of Castro, they were ready to support.”
He said the bond Gyan and his son shared was so deep that, the Gyan family call to check on him and the family regularly.
“It is not just us who have sleepless nights about Castro’s disappearance, I know the Gyan family too go through same till date. At the moment, we are relying on God and our own strength as a family and we will continue the search until a credible information emerged otherwise.”
Source: Showbiz News

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