Confusion over re-settlement of evicted Kejetia petty traders

Poor administrative arrangements have wreaked havoc on plans to resettle the evicted petty traders from Kejetia to alternative locations promised them.
At the Adehyeman Gardens which has been touted by the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA) as a convenient place to absorb about 400 displaced petty traders, it was revealed that even though the place is ready for occupation the traders cannot move in because the doors to all 400 stalls are still securely locked.
No official was on site to explain why the problem exists but the traders, some of whom were spotted milling around the locked stalls, lamented that the selection process in deciding who is best qualified to occupy them could be the hindrance.
Meanwhile, some of the petty traders who chose to go to the Race Course area have become laborers as they have to do their own weeding of the bushy area. They are engaged in the exercise despite their fears that there could be some dangerous snakes hiding among the weeds.
Most of the traders are women. One of them said jokingly that the traders some have become cocoa farmers who are preparing the ground to go into serious cocoa cultivation.
Others also showed their swelling palms indicating that the weeding has been a tough and rough exercise.

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