Make Sept 1 a public holiday to boost voter participation – CLGA

The Centre for Local Governance and Advocacy is rigorously reiterating its earlier call on government to declare September 1st 2015, the day for the local government elections, a public holiday.
The centre said must be declared a public holiday to encourage more people to vote in the local government elections.
“It is the position of the CLGA that in order to give the true meaning to Article 35(6d) of the 1992 constitution, which states that ‘the state shall take appropriate measures to make democracy a reality by … affording all possible opportunities to the people to participate in decision – making at every level of national life and in government’ efforts must be made to promote voter participation in all local level elections.
“By this, popular participation in decision- making and participatory democracy will be enhanced,” a statement signed by Dr Vladimir Antwi Danso, Acting Executive Director of the Centre said.

It added: “Also, the dwindling voter turnout in previous local government elections, coupled with the failed March 3rd attempt at conducting the elections, call for pragmatic steps not just to ensure that the election is held but to ensure that there is increased participation in the September 1st elections. To achieve this, the CLGA is of the firm belief that declaring September 1st as a public holiday is a sure way of achieving grand participation.”

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