Bodies of two Americans found in shallow grave in E/Region

Police have begun investigations into the murder of two American citizens at Akwamufie in the Eastern Region.

The bodies of the pair were discovered in a shallow grave near the town Wednesday morning.

A police source told reporters that Nzanga and Lena, both retirees, had lived in the country close to two decades and deal in batik and tie-and-dye cloths.

The source said the two were declared missing by close associates after it was realised that they had not been seen in public for some days.

Calls were made to their cell phones but there was no response and efforts to find them proved futile.

The police source said a report was subsequently made to the police, who went to the house where the two lived and began to suspect foul play. Police advised the Chief of the area to organize a search party to look for the pair.

A search party was organized which led to the discovery of the shallow grave in which two had been murdered and buried.

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