Celine Dion’s voice gives husband life

Singer Josh Groban is convinced Celine Dion’s voice gives life to her ailing husband. Celine has been married to Rene Angelil since 1994 and unfortunately her spouse is suffering from throat cancer right now.
Fellow singer Josh is good friends with the couple and during an appearance on America’s daytime TV show The Talk, he noted Rene is his wife’s biggest fan.
“If there’s one thing that Rene loves just beneath the family, her, their personal life, it’s her voice, her ability,” Josh shared. “It gives him life. For him to say to her, ‘I want you to go out there and give that to the people,’ that’s typical them.”
Josh has formed a strong bond with Celine and Rene over the years.
The 34-year-old doesn’t think he would have made it in the entertainment industry if it weren’t for the couple.
“Celine and Rene are such special people. I’ve been so fortunate to know them,” Josh said. “They were one of the reasons I had a career in this business. They were two of the first people to give me a shot. Celine allowed me to sing with her on a Grammy stage when I was 17 years old.”
Celine cancelled shows last August in order to care for Rene.
The My Heart Will Go On songstress recently announced she’ll be returning to the Las Vegas Strip to perform concerts this summer.
However, Celine confessed in a recent interview caring for her love has been quite painful at times.
‘He can’t eat so I feed him,’ she told ABC News as she wiped away tears. ‘He’s got a feeding tube. I have to feed him three times a day.’
Rene, 73, has beaten the disease once before. Over the years he has also had to conquer heart problems and in June last year he stepped down as his wife’s manager to focus on his health.
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