Former first lady advises Ghanaians to defend their constitutional rights

Former first lady Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings has asked Ghanaians to sit up and defend their constitutional rights.
Mrs Rawlings was speaking at a breakfast forum organized by civil society group, Community Organization Bureau Network of Ghana (COBNOG) in Kumasi.
“Ghanaians must learn to defend their constitutional rights. It is mandatory. I see no reason why we should keep mute over serious issues that can be defended constitutionally”, she said.
Mrs Rawlings said Ghanaians should not just vote for candidates on basis of beauty or appearance or other face-value attributes. Rather, they should cross-check the background of these candidates before voting.
The former first lady was quick to add that silence is killing Ghanaians slowly, but until the people sit up, things will continue to go haywire.
Mrs Rawlings encouraged all citizens to hold their leaders and government accountable.

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