FIFA clears Joseph Ochaya

The Federation of International Football Associations (FIFA) has cleared Joseph Ochaya to join Uganda Premier League champions KCC FC.
Ochaya who left Ghanaian side Asante Kotoko over contractual disputes, was let go after a decision by FIFA single judge Mr. Geoff Thompson.
Part of the communication to FUFA reads;
“The single Judge was eager to emphasize that the present decision regarding the authorization to provisionally register the player for Ugandan club is a provisional measure and, as such without prejudice to any decision as to the substance of any labour dispute between the player, Joseph Ochaya, and the Ghanaian club, Asante Kotoko FC.
“In particular it would be up to the Dispute Resolution Chamber (DRC) or any other competent decision making body to decide whether the relevant contract between the Ghanaian club and the player has been terminated by one of the contractual parties, whether with or without just cause, and who is to be deemed responsible for such possible breach. Equally the competent body would have to determine the possible consequences thereof”.
Ochaya is now free to play for KCC FC under a provisional license to be issued by FUFA.

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