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No vehicles without seat belts in Ashanti Region from April 1

Vehicles without seat belts will not be allowed to operate in the Ashanti Region from April 1, Thomas Boakye Yiadom, Regional Manager of the National Road Safety Commission (NRSC), has said.
He said this was part of measures to help reduce road crash fatalities.
Speaking at a media briefing in Kumasi, he said seat belts provided 75 per cent safety to passengers occupying the back seat of vehicles and 50 per cent safety to those on the front seat.
He said it was therefore,important for all to co-operate with the Commission to enforce the law.
Mr Boakye also hinted of plans to strengthen driver training and aid them to have better understanding of road markings, signs and laws.
He said the Commission and the Transport Unit of the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly, had set up a national drivers’ academy and a drivers’ training school.
He expressed optimism that firm enforcement of the law, combined with driver competency, would calm the roads.
Mr Boakye said people arrested over road traffic offences would be made to go through six hours of training on road rules and regulations and take a test.
He urged drivers and passengers to be vigilant not only during festive occasions but at all times.

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