Kenyan women stage "mini-skirt protest" after woman is stripped

Kenyan women will take part in a mini skirt protest at Nairobi’s Uhuru Park on November 17  in support of a woman publicly stripped on Wednesday for ‘indecent’ dressing, and in objection to violence and sexual assault against women.
In the incident at the Embassava bus top on Accra road, men believed to be commuter transport conductors ripped the woman’s clothes, kicked her in her private parts and called her ‘Jezebel’ for “tempting” them.
The video of the assault was caught on camera by a passenger and posted on Kenya’s Jambonewspot website.
Kenyans are also expressing their disapproval of the act via #MyDressMyChoice on Twitter.
“On Monday, l shall join my wife, daughter and all the women who will do a peaceful procession,” Boniface Mwangi tweeted.
“Even if a woman is wearing next to nothing, no man has the moral ground to even lay a finger on her,” Anzaa Makena posted.
Christopher Kirwa wrote, “U support Embassava sick touts 4 stripping a woman? Wait till one day u see your mother, sister or daughter being stripped (sic).”
“County first ladies should join in #MyDressMyChoice. It’d make such an impact,” Mandi H wrote.

“If you don’t like how a woman is dressed, or anyone for that matter, the best thing is to look away,” Morilyn Wambui retweeted.
Frida Maskani said: “Violation of women will not be tolerated. Sign the petition.”
“A woman’s dress should be like a barbed-wire fence: serving its purpose without obstructing the view. -Sophia Loren,” Kenyan Mzalendo posted.
Shamit Patel said: “Seriously.. @EstherPassaris needs to back the #MyDressMyChoice event and go after him. She’s got zero to fear.”
The assault also sparked a fierce debate on local radio stations some of those condemning it however warning women about their dressing.
“Stripping a woman is an act of cowardice but women should also consider their dress code when at public places,” a female Kiss 100 caller said.
CID Chief Ndegwa Muhoro on Wednesday said the matter is being investigated, Deputy IGP Grace Kaindi adding that stern action will be taken against those who stripped the woman.
Credit: AllAfricaOnline

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