Mark Zuckerberg holds his first-ever public Q&A on Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg took on the public on Thursday, holding his first-ever open Q&A session.
The Facebook CEO spent about an hour answering questions submitted from around the world, including some from Facebook users who flew to the company’s California headquarters for the event.
Here’s a look at some of the highlights:
Why did Facebook force its users to install the Messenger app?
Zuckerberg acknowledged that having all Facebook users install a new app “is a big ask” and “required friction.”
“On mobile, each app really can focus on doing one thing well, we think,” he said.
“You’re probably messaging people 15, 20 times a day, and having to go into an app and wait for it to load and then go through a bunch of steps to get to your messages or send a message is a lot of friction.”
How accurate was the movie The Social Network?
“I haven’t spent a lot of time thinking about that movie in a while,” Zuckerberg said with a laugh. “I kind of blocked that one out.”
“I think the reality is that writing code and then building a product and building a company actually is not a glamorous enough thing to make a movie about, so you can imagine that a lot of this stuff they had to embellish or make up.”
“They went out of their way in the movie to try to get some interesting details correct like the design of the office, but on the overarching plot… they just kind of made up a bunch of stuff that I found kind of hurtful.”
He noted that the film suggests that he built Facebook after being jilted by a girl, but that in reality, he’s been with his wife since before staring the site.
“There were pretty glaring things that were just made up about the movie that made it pretty hard to take seriously,” he said. “I think the real story is just a lot of hard work.”
Source: CNN

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