Agya Koo set to reveal "mafia groups"

Popular Ghanaian actor Alex Kofi Adu, known as Agya Koo, will address a press confer­ence in Kumasi, to expose what he has described as “members of a mafia gang within the movie industry.”
The actor says the mafia group he is talking about has over the years worked against the gen­eral interest of the movie industry and has ensured that only a few selected movie produc­ers make profit.
According to Agya Koo, movie producers who do not belong to the mafia are sabotaged and do not have their movies distributed.
He added that the same mafia dictates which actors and actresses should be given roles in movies, and film makers who refuse to lick the boots of the mafia members are often sidelined and treated with disdain.
Isaac Rockson, chairman of Agya Koo’s com­munication team, said apart from exposing the modus operandi of the mafia, the actor will also tell his painful story of how he was made to suf­fer under the same.
“This mafia thing has gone on for too long in the movie industry and only a few people are enjoying while the majority suffer. And when Agya Koo talks about it, they start to talk about him and say other producers should not give him roles in their movies. They gang up to fight him,” Rockson told NEAT FM lastTuesday.
He continued: “We would open the floor for all those who say Agya Koo has done this, Agya Koo has done that, to come out and state what exactly their complaints are so that we give our answers and then the media would know who is genuine and who is only making allegations.”
Agya Koo has consistently complained that some persons within the movie industry are influencing movie producers and directors to deny him movie roles.
Source: Joy News

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