Ghana's Big Brother Africa housemates revealed

Ghana’s Kacey Moore and M’am Bea have been selected to represent the country in the forthcoming season of Big Brother Africa.
The pair were selected through a special audition in South Africa for the show which starts on October 5 in Johannesburg, South Africa.
Organisers of the 91-day reality show, Endemol selected representatives for Ghana in South Africa allegedly due to visa challenges encountered by those selected in the Accra auditions. There had also been initial fears about contestants from West Africa due to the Ebola outbreak.
Kacey Moore, 29, was born in Accra. He is married with a daughter and is a poet and songwriter. Kacey describes himself as a’ go-getter’, as well as ‘punctual, a leader, a creator and a voice’. His favourite quality, punctuality.
He entered Big Brother Hotshots as a business decision, seeking exposure to the rest of the world. Kacey Moore promises viewers ‘a real person with no fakeness’.
If he wins the grand prize, he’ll buy houses for his wife and mother and set up a recording studio so he can record and release his own album under his own label.
M’am Bea, 25, lists her occupation as ‘Acting Trainee Manager/Fashion Designer’, and has a diploma in Management Finance.
M’am Bea’s role model is her mom, because ‘she is strong, humble, God-fearing and puts her family first’.
Inspired to enter Big Brother Hotshots by her talent and ‘the unity of all African countries coming together as one to learn and share’, M’am Bea also lists making it onto the show as her proudest achievement so far. ‘It will give me room to showcase my personality and influence young, gifted youth out there,’ she says.
Describing herself as a ‘driven, humble and respectful self-starter’, M’am Bea says that viewers can expect her ‘true self’, her ‘fashion sense, sense of humour, cooking skills, intelligence and wise words’ to shine through on screen. She says she’s ‘humbled and overwhelmed’, knowing that the continent’s eyes will be on her.
This year’s contestants have been released in batches of three over the past week.

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