Xiaomi sells 40,000 phones within four seconds in India

Xiaomi, the up-and-coming Chinese smartphone maker, has announced that it sold out all 40,000 units of its new Redmi 1S Android phone. But the sale was over in just seconds, and that appears to have left some of its Indian fans upset.
Some fans have taken to the company’s Facebook page to complain about the limited stock, having been unable to get their hands on the 5,999 Indian Rupee ($99, £60, AU$106) smartphone.
The company itself claimed the phone sold out in 4.2 seconds. Unlike other smartphone makers, Xiaomi relies on a flash-sale model to get its products out to its customers, and holds these sales on a regular basis for the countries where it operates, building buzz on social media.
In India, Xiaomi has partnered with e-commerce retail site Flipkart to sell its devices. The site uses registrations of interest to provide a virtual queue for users to make purchases and so far, the demand for the Redmi 1S far exceeds supply with over 250,000 users wanting to buy the new phone.
Source: CNET

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